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International Services
Our Team Makes The Difference

Thanks to our International Services Department, comprised of 80 individuals, we make a positive impact for thousands of patients who come to our hospital every year from over 65 countries. We build a strong bridge between patients and physicians through our medical team, composed of both physicians and nurse case managers who coordinate the care of international patients in our hospital and follow up once they return to their home countries.

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Focused On Cancer, Specialized in YOU
Comprehensive Cancer Center

Our Patients can benefit from a full range of cancer care and support services from robotic surgery to radiosurgery, targeted immunotherapy and chemo/radio-embolization to palliative care at our oncology institute within the greater umbrella of our general hospital.

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Key points of Anadolu Medical Center
Advantages of Anadolu Hospital
Anadolu Medical Center is a well-known healthcare institution for keeping pace with emerging medical standards and applying modern technologies in cancer treatment.

The Best And Latest Equipment

Latest Cancer Treatments

Collaboration With Johns HopKINGS Medical Center (USA)

TOP-10 MTQUA (Medical Tourism Quality Assessment System)

Accreditations of international organizations OECI, ESMO, JCI

Free Second Medical Opinion

Assistant With Accommodation

Free Airport Transfer

Free Translation Services

The Most Famous Doctors In The World

Make an appointment for your medical consultation!

Our patients can benefit from a full range of care and support services

You can provide us with medical documents that include a summary of information and treatments related to your disease from doctors in your home country so that we can give you a high-accuracy diagnosis or a second medical opinion
  • We are pleased to offer you this service at Anadolu Medical Center where we will provide you with a second medical opinion 48 hours after submitting your request at the latest. And if you choose to come to our center after reviewing the second medical opinion, we will make sure to provide all the logistics services for your convenience, as we will help you book the flight and accommodation in the hotel, while providing a free airport pick-up service and arranging all medical appointments.

    Advanced technology and expertise gathered under one roof

    Da Vinci XI Robotic Surgery System

    The da Vinci surgical system is a robotic surgery system from the American company Intuitive Surgical.

    Cyberknife M6

    Cyberknife M6 is a rare robotic surgery device, intended for stereotaxic radiosurgery, which ensures patient comfort, precision in radiation and easier application compared to traditional systems.

    Radixact Tomotherapy

    Radixact is the newest model of the device family known as “tomotherapy”. The most basic feature of this device is that it is helical (circular) based.

    Varian Edge

    The Varian Edge™ system is a device that can be used in several treatment technologies such as IMRT, VMAT, SRS and SBRT on the same platform.

    Hybrid Operating Room

    By definition, “hybrid operating room” is used for new concept operating rooms where advanced medical imaging systems and medical devices can be used simultaneously.


    Anadolu Hospital For Cancer Patients

    Comprehensive Cancer Center

    Our patients can benefit from a full range of care and support services from robotic surgery to radiosurgery, targeted area immunotherapy and chemo/radio-embolization, to palliative and palliative care at the oncology center under the umbrella of our General Hospital.

    Our Team Makes The Difference

    With our 80-strong International Services department, we are able to make a positive impact in the lives of thousands of patients who visit our hospital each year from more than 65 different countries. We form the link between patients and doctors through our medical team, which includes doctors and nurses who care for patients from all over the world in the hospital and follow up on their condition even after they return to their countries.

    Medical Specialties

    Departments specialized in treating tumors using advanced technology and long experience under one roof

    Doctors of Anadolu Hospital

    A team of highly experienced and skilled doctors in the fields of medicine

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